Sears tire coupons & rebates

Sears will offer different tire coupons and rebates throughout most of the year. The rebates are from tire manufacturers who are willing to give special offers for tires only purchased from Sears. Unfortunately, these rebates are often not allowed to be used with coupons. Sears will also offer will also offer %5 to 20% coupons for any automotive purchase, including for new tires.

Sears is one of largest and most diverse retailers in North America. They are known for selling all kinds of items including appliances, toys, electronics and tools to name a few. A good number of Sears stores also have automotive services centers. But not all Sears automotive centers are located inside Sear stores, in February 2010, the company launched a new Sears automotive franchise program. This program allows automobile dealers to operate as licensed Sears Auto Centers. These independent franchises should offer the same services that traditional automotive centers do. The jury is still out on if the franchises will help the retailer in the automotive care space. Most reviewers indicate that the franchises stores do have similar offerings and expertise, but that there are inconsistencies with pricing and warranty service.

Sears Auto Centers

Sears auto centers specialize in auto parts and service for private passenger vehicles. The service ranges from simple preventative maintenance like oil changes, fluid checks to more complex jobs like bakes checks and wheel alignments. The company has implemented strict training and sales procedures for their shops after some well publicized consumer complaints. Many of these reforms seem to have improved the overall quality of the service at the shops. The auto centers make most of their revenue through selling and installing tires and batteries. Though the centers tend to favor the Sears Die Hard brand batteries, they seem to have no preference in tire brands. The stores carry well known brands like Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Kumho, Dunlop, Firestone, BF Gtoodrich, Continental, Cooper, Falken, Hankook as well as lesser known brands like General Tire, Uniroyal, Fierce, Pacemark, Nankang and Gaurdsman.

Sears does not give out as many coupons as their competitors, but they tend to have at least one coupon per quarter. The coupons tend to be for short periods and can have some sever limitations.The company does occasionally have rebates or specials for specific tire brands. These rebates tend to be for a specific brand and only for their stores and not other tire retailers.

The current Sears auto center coupons