Costco tire coupons & rebates

Costco tire installation services are relatively cheaper than other retailers and there are occasionally have Costco tire coupons through the circular that they send to their members. The site will take internet Costco tire coupons but a few people have reported problems with tire centers taking printed coupons. If you run into problems,you can almost always get a free coupon book containing the latest coupons from the customer service desk. In addition, the company will occasionally have rebates for specific tires.

Costco Wholesale Tire Centers

Every Costco warehouse has a wholesale tire center. These centers only do wheel and tire installation, maintenance or repair. Don’t go to the warehouse expecting to get oil changes or brake work at these sites. These centers are also where you get support for your Costco tire and wheel warranties. Only warehouse members can buy new tires or wheels, even off of the internet. Every purchase includes the following free lifetimes services: inflation pressure checks, tire balancing, tire rotations, as well as flat repairs. These lifetime extras may make buying from Costco a cost effective in their own right. The warehouse also uses nitrogen to fill the tires to help the tires retain pressure better. Costco also have a pretty good 60,000 mile “Road Hazard Warranty”. This warranty offers additional support if you have problems with the tires or wheels you purchased from the warehouse. The down side to Costco is that they do not carry a lot of tires in stock at each warehouse, you have to order them ahead of time for installation. They also only carry a limited number of tire brands. The brands they currently carry are Michelin, BF Goodrich and Bridgestone tires.

Current Costco wholesale tire center coupons & rebates

More about Costco
Costco is the largest membership retailer in the United States and the third largest retailer overall. Membership retailers allow only members to purchase products from their stores, although the retailer does allow non-members to purchase off of their website with a 5% surcharge. The company’s business model is to make money off of their memberships and not with the items they sale. So they often have some of the lowest prices and services. The company is also well known for good service and standing behind the products that they sale. While the retailer is renowned for selling bulk goods from their warehouses, they also operate wholesale tire centers as part of their business model. Though these centers do not offer full car services, they do specialize in tires and wheels for passenger and recreational vehicles.